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ClearID Kiosk

Visitor Self-Service Check-In

Genetec ClearID Self-Service Kiosk simplifies and streamlines visitor management by allowing guests to self-check-in & check-out. This helps improve reception and security staff efficiency, as well as overall productivity. This self-registration tool enhances the visitor experience by drastically reducing wait times, resulting in better first impressions.

Ultimately, security is never compromised, as Genetec ClearID Self Service Kiosk allows you to monitor who’s on your premises and for how long. Also, you’ll always be aware of visitors’ credentials, as well as which areas they have access to.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Apple iPad
  • Easily downloadable mobile app in the App Store
  • Continual automatic app updates for latest features
  • Multiple check-in options:
  • * Government ID card
  • – Drivers licence
  • – Passport
  • – Medicare card
  • Invitation QR code
  • Email

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