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Genetec Mobile App

Stay Connected with Genetec Mobile

Responding to incidents or emergencies in the field often requires security personnel to be away from a workstation. The Genetec Mobile app provides remote connectivity to Genetec Security Center, so they can receive instant event notifications.

Genetec Mobile is a versatile mobile application that extends the capabilities of the Security Center platform to mobile devices, offering a range of features to enhance security operations.

Features Include:

  • Live Video Streaming-Omnicast Video: The app allows users to access live and recorded video. It provides functionalities such as pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controls, adding bookmarks, saving snapshots, and iris/focus control with just a click.
  • Stream Video from Mobile Devices: Security personnel can stream video directly from their smartphones or other mobile devices to the Security Center, which can be critical during incident response.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Genetec Mobile facilitates communication between Security Desk operators and mobile users through in-app messaging. This feature is designed to bridge the communication gap between officers in the field and those at the Security Desk, allowing for better coordination and response to incidents.
  • Mobile Alarm Notifications: The app provides instant push notifications for active alarms, allowing users to receive and acknowledge alerts directly from their smartphones. This ensures that security personnel are promptly informed of any incidents or emergencies, regardless of location.
  • Maps Page: Security operators can use their mobile devices to view other mobile users and entities as map objects on GIS maps. This feature helps visualise the location of security resources and incidents.
  • Mobile User Tracking: The app allows Security Desk operators to monitor mobile users’ locations using the Map View, which can be essential for managing field personnel during security operations.

These features collectively provide a unified experience for security teams, enabling them to manage various aspects of their security systems on the go. The app supports a collaborative approach to security management, ensuring teams can stay connected, share critical information in real-time, and respond to incidents more efficiently.

No matter their location security personnel can monitor Video Surveillance & Access Control Systems, receive & acknowledge alarms, playback & search video (by timeline, bookmark, go to specific date and time, and more) & push live video back to Security Center, effectively extending their capability to react to any situation.

Unified Security System Award Winners ANZ

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