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Video Integrity Protection

Prevent Video Tampering & Unauthorised Exports

Leaks, breaches, and tampered evidence can result in jeopardized security, sanctions, and reputational damage. That’s why you need to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Security Center Omnicast™ helps you ensure evidence remains available, and that it is not leaked or tampered with.

Protect Against Tampering

A digital signature helps protect video footage from alterations. Combined with audit trails and supervised exports, you can maintain a full chain of custody. It also allows you to share admissible and secure files while ensuring that recipients receive legitimate, tamper-free evidence.

Prevent Data Leaks

Visual watermarking deters users from leaking video by stamping their username and workstation information on live or recorded footage. Add password protection to confidential video exports, and you’ll significantly reduce the risk of leakage.

Keep your Data Confidential

With end-to-end encryption, video remains protected and inaccessible by unauthorized users. Operations are shielded with multiple layers of authentication and authorization.

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