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AXIS M5525-E

1080p Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Camera with 10x Zoom

AXIS M5525-E is a great deal. The affordably priced camera is packed with the kind of top-of-the-line features you’d normally expect in high end cameras. It’s particularly suitable for stores, schools, building lobbies & other open areas, both indoors & out.

HDTV 1080p resolution, 10x optical zoom & continuous 360° pan that lets you easily follow moving objects. AXIS M5525-E provides both the zoomed-in detail & the broad overview you need to stay on top of what’s happening on your premises. WDR – Forensic Capture ensures great detail when there are both bright & darker spots in a scene. The camera’s outstanding light-sensitivity means high-quality video even when it is recording in near darkness.

AXIS M5525-E is a versatile camera for indoor or outdoor use, compatible with all AXIS PTZ mounts. It offers two-way audio & four digital I/O ports for integration with other equipment. And there are three scene profiles to choose from:

  • Forensic profile for capturing details in challenging conditions
  • Indoor profile for optimized colors in indoor lighting conditions
  • Outdoor profile for enhanced image appearance for outdoor surveillance

For each profile, the camera automatically optimizes exposure time, white balance, aperture, sharpness, contrast & noise to suit the specific scenario. The result is great image quality & cost-effective installation.

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